JAMB Regularization 2024/2025 Procedures and Updates: Things You Should Know

JAMB Regularization 2024/2025 Procedures and Updates: Things You Should Know.  This article will explain in detail what is JAMB Regularization as well as the other things you need to know concerning this process. By the time you are done reading this article, you will be able to follow the JAMB Regularization Procedures. We will also provide you with regular updates on this. So, to get regular updates, you will need to bookmark this page and get the updates.

JAMB Regularization is the procedure through which successful candidates can validate and regularize their admission on JAMB. On the JAMB portal, it is known as late application and it is mandatory for graduates who want to apply for the National Youth Service Corp or Direct Entry programs. This blog post will therefore put you through all the things that you need to know about the JAMB regularization.

There are two approaches to take. The first is via the e-facility platform for JAMB. Here, applicants must register on the JAMB website, pay a fee, and upload critical files such O-level results, academic transcripts, and acceptance letters. Following document verification, JAMB will send the student an admissions letter.

The second option is to go to their state’s JAMB liaison office or the state where their university is situated. Students must complete an application, bring the necessary documentation, pay a fee, and wait for the admission letter to be sent to the liaison office.

Who is eligible for JAMB regularization?

Knowing what the JMAB regularization is, who is eligible for this process? Get to see the answer below.

  • The candidate must not have registered with JAMB to be admitted into a Nigerian university or college.
  • To be admitted, the applicant must have met the minimal requirements for admission to the university.
  • The candidate needs to fulfill the prerequisite courses for the program they were admitted to.
  • The candidate’s email address and phone number must be active and up-to-date.

To finish the JAMB regularization process, a fee and a few documents must be submitted. The documentation required for JAMB regularization is as follows:

  1. An acceptance letter from the university that accepted you.
  2. A copy of your O-Level results.
  3. Your birth certificate is in its original form.
  4. a certified copy of your school transcript.
  5. The original copy of your admission letter.
  6. For the JAMB regularization process to be finished, these documents and the required payment must be provided.

A distinct JAMB registration number will be provided to the candidate by JAMB once all the necessary paperwork has been submitted and the cost has been paid. All JAMB-related future transactions, including reapplying for admission to another school, will require this number.

JAMB Regularization Procedure: How to Do JAMB Regularization

To do JAMB regularization, follow the steps below

  • Firstly, create a profile on the JAMB portal. This will require your phone number and a valid email address.
  • When you log in to your JAMB profile, make sure to click on “Late Application (Regularization),” which is under the service menu.
  • There are two types of regularization; select the ones that you need. The two types of regularization have been mentioned above, which are change of admission letter and late application.
  • Put in the needed details, which are your personal information, institution, course, and matriculation number.
  • Using the Remita platform, make a payment of N10,000 online at any bank branch. You will be given a transaction ID after payment.
  • Print out the payment receipt and the form that contains your reference number and transaction ID, i.e., the indemnity form.
  • Take the indemnity form to your institution for approval and signature by any appropriate authority, such as the HOD or DEAN.
  • Submit the form (the indemnity form) to any JAMB office nearest to you in your state.
  • Wait for JAMB to process the regularization and update your admission status. It might take a few weeks or months.
  • After the regularization has been completed, you can proceed to print your JAMB admission letter and original JAMB result slip from your JAMB profile.

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The JAMB regularization procedure is helpful for those who did not pass through or write the JAMB UTME but pass through other admission routes such as the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB), Joint Universities preliminaries Examination Board (JUPEB), Pre-degree, Remedial, Basic, etc. It is also mandatory for graduates who are aiming to apply for NYSC or Direct Entry.

With the regularization, students get to update their admission records with the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board and get their admission letter and JAMB reg number. As stated in the article, we have shown you how to do JAMB regularization by creating a JAMB profile, paying N10,000, filling in the needed details, printing your indemnity form, getting it signed by appropriate authorities in your institution, submitting it to the nearest JAMB office and waiting for JAMB to process your regularization. With the detailed explanation that we have made, we hope that this article will go a long way in helping you in your JAMB regularization process. Please help share this article and also remember to leave a comment behind. Thanks for stopping by.

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