How to Upgrade Your JAMB Score: Scam or Fact?

How to Upgrade Your JAMB Score: Scam or Fact? You are reading this article because you are probably thinking of upgrading your JAMB result, and you also search for the term “How to Upgrade Your JAMB Result” on search engines. You are on the right track. This article will answer all your questions. So please keep reading this article to the end.

Is it possible to upgrade your JAMB score? If yes, where can you do it? Let’s dig deep into this question and make our findings concerning the upgrade of the JAMB result this year.

JAMB Result Upgrade

Is it possible to upgrade your JAMB result score in 2023?

If you have ever tried to upgrade your JAMB score before, you will see a lot of would-be JAMB result upgraders sending messages like this one below:

JAMB Result Upgrade

They will always back up their claims with before and after photos like the one below as proof of their successful JAMB score upgrade.

JAMB Result Upgrade

Earlier in 2023, there was a certain Mmesioma who was adjudged to have scored the highest in the JAMB UTME 2023. She was interviewed on national TV and given a scholarship to study abroad. The Directorate of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) later made a PR that her result was manipulated and could not be found in the database of the exam body.  After several denials, she later agreed to upgrade her JAMB score and made a public apology to Nigerians. All the scholarships and public accolades were withdrawn.

Yes, your JAMB score might be upgraded on paper; it is also possible to upgrade your JAMB score using an app online. This one was uncovered by Netizen during the Mmesioma JAMB result saga. Despite being able to change your JAMB score, the original can be differentiated from the fake one.

So back to our main question: can you upgrade your JAMB score or result? No, the JAMB result upgrade is fake and a scam. Not only will you be caught and banned from attending any school in Nigeria, but you might be imprisoned, or worse, the JAMB result upgrader will scam you and run with your money.

If your JAMB result is not good enough, please register again and attend a JAMB class or buy JAMB past questions and answers from us here to aid in your preparation for the examination. You can also read the 21 ways to pass any exam. It will help you.

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