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NECO Past questions and answers for all Subjects- Downloadpdf

NECO Past questions and answers for all Subjects- Downloadpdf: Students can’t write examinations nowadays without the help of past questions and answers. NECO examination past questions and answers for all subjects will help the NECO Candidates clear their papers easily.

As students prepare for exams, having access to dependable study materials is critical to their performance. The National Examinations Council (NECO) is one of Nigeria’s primary examination agencies, in charge of administering secondary school examinations. In this blog post, we will look at the importance of NECO past questions and answers for all courses, as well as how they can be used as useful study resources.

The Importance of NECO Past Exam Questions

NECO past questions are essential for exam preparation. Here are some of the reasons why they are significant:

  1. Exam Format Familiarity: NECO past questions assist students become acquainted with the structure, style, and format of the actual exam. Students build confidence and lessen exam anxiety by rehearsing with previous questions.
  2. Recognizing Question Patterns: NECO has a tendency to repeat specific question patterns over time. Students can discover reoccurring themes, subjects, and sorts of questions that are likely to appear in the current exam by analyzing past questions.
  3. Content Mastery: Working through old questions on a regular basis allows students to revise and reinforce their comprehension of subject matter.

You can get NECO past questions on the following subjects;

Physical Education

Auto Mechanics


Home Management

Foods and Nutrition




Auto Body Repair and Spray Painting

Auto Electrical Work

Auto Mechanical Work

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Welding and Fabrication, Engineering Craft Practice

Electrical Installation & Maintenance Work

Radio, Television and Electronics Work

Blocklaying, Bricklaying and Concrete Work

Painting and Decoration

Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

Machine Woodworking

Carpentry and Joinery

Furniture Making


Catering Craft Practice

Garment Making

Clothing and Textiles

Dyeing and Bleaching

Printing Craft Practice



Leather Goods, Manufacturing and Repair

GSM Maintenance and Repairs

Animal Husbandry






Agricultural Science



Further Mathematics


Literature in English




Civic Education




Computer studies

Data Science

Animal Husbandry



More information regarding the past question;

Complete past questions and answers from 1998 to current (up to date) for only NGN1000 per subject.

Complete 8 subjects, including English use, and 7 relevant subjects for NGN7,000 (a NGN1,000 discount).

WAEC Past Questions for NGN2000 that are frequently repeated per subject

How to Get NECO Complete Past Questions and Answers for All Subjects

To get the complete material in PDF follow the instructions below.

Call 07063986527 to get the past question and answers.

The freshly updated NECO Past Questions and Answers cost 1,000.00 naira for a single subject, e.g.


  • 1000 Naira in English
  • 1000 Naira for Biology
  • 1000 naira for chemistry
  • 1000 Nigerian for Physics

See the payment information below.

Follow the steps below to obtain NECO Past Questions and Answers.

Make a deposit into the account listed below.

Account Information

  • Account No. 0318379097

Send the following after payment:

  • Name of the depositor,
  • Teller code or screenshot,
  • The amount paid

07063986527 through WhatsApp


Having NECO past questions with the solutions with you is a big step toward the realization of you dream to clear all your NECO papers in flying colors.

If you are the candidate, show this article to your guardians to help you purchase it a and prepare on time. If you are a guardian yourself, please get one for your ward and ensure their academic success.


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